Equal Access & Associates (EAA) began working in the VIP industry in 1992. For the first 25 years, our primary activity was the production of Braille versions of printed material and  educational documents, including training manuals, bus routes, restaurant menus, recipe books, song books, technology resource guides and catalogs.

The explosion in talking technology, optical character recognition, and voice recognition has resulted  in a shrinking demand for Braille.  As the iPhone with voice access has become more available, today  the VIP population has increased access to the print world which is far less expensive than ordering the production of Braille documents. In 2014, it became apparent that EAA needed to either redefine ourselves and explore other revenue streams or close our doors.

We started meeting with groups of VIP to discuss unidentified needs.  We began researching the healthcare and hospitality industries to determine their readiness for providing services to the VIP population. We also started interviewing  potential qualified VIP who could join our team as associates to assist with training and product development. Today, we  have pivoted into a brand  new company and have developed training curriculum for the health care industry.


Empowering the Blind Since 1992​